ATI's Radeon X2800XT Brings Heavy Horsepower to Apple's Next Gen Mac Pros

Illustration for article titled ATIs Radeon X2800XT Brings Heavy Horsepower to Apples Next Gen Mac Pros

So if the guys at AppleInsider are on the money, ATI's abnormally long X2800XT could be the graphics card to power Apple's rumored next gen Mac Pros. The red giant will feature 1GB of GDDR4 memory clocked at 2GHz while the card's core will come in at 800MHz. Basically that means it has the potential to eat Nvidia's overclocked 8800GTX for lunch. The card will also bring CrossFire technology to the Mac, so you'll be able to string two of these suckers together for maximum voltage. It's about time we get some heavy duty card options for the Mac. Better start saving now, though, as I'm sure this config won't come cheap.

ATI Radeon X2800XT with CrossFire [via AppleInsider via CrunchGear]

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Wattage? So much for Apple nailing their "green-energy-star" policy shut. I imagine a new MB revision to hand the PCI Express bandwidth for Crossfire. That unit looks like it takes up 2 slots too. (length of card is important for card's orientation inside the MacPro: shipping could have it actually break off it's card connector)