Mac Pro Redesigns Coming Our Way?

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I've been holding out for either a new MacBook Pro or a new Mac Pro, and if the guys at LoopRumors are right, it looks like I'll be going for the Mac Pro. They're reporting that Apple's top of the line computer is going under the knife with new designs both internally and externally. Supposedly, the new machines will be smaller and their cooling systems will vent hot air through the top of the machines. Other than those sparse details, not much else was revealed, though it has been awhile since Apple's tower of power got some love from the redesign dept, so I'm all for it.


New Mac Pro Redesign? [LoopRumors]

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I have a new 2.66ghz MacPro and bought it because they're easier to upgrade then laptops. Actually, I can't think of anything that can be easily upgraded on a laptop other than the RAM. I had a MacBook Pro and sold it on eBay to get the Mac Pro. I hooked it up with the ATI card and added 2 more gigs of RAM as well as another 250 gig HDD and this thing screams. It runs Vista Ultimate really great with a 5.5 score.

I think Apple will introduce a Mac desktop for the home user that will be an alternative to the iMac. That's about it though. I can't think of them doing much with the MacPro as it is right now.

For the Vista/OSX users out there, how can I fix the constant problem I keep having where whenever I boot into Vista the clock is like 5 hours ahead? I'm using the right timezone on both OS's but Vista is always off.