Black iMacs and 8-Core Mac Pros Expected Next Month

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MacScoop claims to have the inside dirt on next month's rumored Apple announcements, saying we're in for a full barrage of hardware releases, including a black 24-inch iMac and 8-core Mac Pros (no word on whether they'll be sporting new designs). Also in store for us are 15-inch MacBooks and new Cinema Displays with HDMI/HDCP support. I'm getting curious about the Mac Mini upgrades, as they've been flying under the "rumor radar" for awhile now. Only time will tell.


Tons of Mac Hardware Releases for Q2 [via AppleWeblog via MacScoop]

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Why would they have HDCP compliant monitors without HDCP compliant video cards? Current generation Macs do not have HDCP compliant video. Does that mean that all current mac models are outdated if one wants to (legally) watch a HD-DVD or BluRay commercial movie over all digital connections?

The Tech press is crying out loudly about Vista DRM (required to protect the HDCP path). I suppose if Leopard also introduces DRM in the operating system, you will not hear a squeek of protest.