New ATRAC Site - Kind of Like a Support Group

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Hello, my name is John and I'm an ATRAC user. I didn't want to use it at first, but the Sony Network Walkman FunFun 20-17X was so attractive and shiny. It started out small—I'd rip into ATRAC and upload it to my MiniDisc player then I'd put it into my Vaio and I never tried to share music or otherwise be a bad Sony citizen. Then came the day when a group of iPod-heads beat me up on the subway. It was late and I had my entire CD collection on 5,000 MiniDiscs and 12,000 MemorySticks and I was going through them looking for my Afghan Whigs album and then they surrounded me and taunted me with their portable media format and their intelligent, yet unobtrusive, DRM. I cried. But I think this forum will make things better for me. My wife left me, but if I talk through my ATRAC problem, maybe I can get her back. Thanks.

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