New Candidate For Apple Tablet Name: The iPad

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Here's what we know, from MacRumors: last July, Apple dummy corporation Slate Computing, LLC applied for a trademark for an "iPad." Similar applications have since been filed in England, Australia and Hong Kong. Also: what a terrible name.


We'd heard rumors of the iPad starting way back in August, when it appeared on a mysterious Border's survey. Since then, though, iSlate has been the frontrunner. But with some of the iPad applications being filed just this week, we may be looking at an awkwardly named tablet device indeed.

The first reactions here at Gizmodo HQ were that it sounded like anything from a feminine hygiene product to a terrible way to nickname your apartment, but it turns out MADtv beat us to the punch:

With all the lawsuits Apple's already facing, can they really stand another from a defunct late-night sketch comedy show? Guess we'll find out soon enough! [MacRumors]



How about something with more pizazz?

I'm sure Apple has enough clout these days to just call it Fuck Yes and have people buy it. They'd throw the phrase Fuck Yes into the mainstream, obscuring its once offensive tone.

"Billy, put away that Fuck Yes and finish your homework!"