New clip from Star Wars: Rebels sees the team plan a Wookiee rescue

Star Wars: Rebels' première isn't far off now, and Disney would like you to know that with yet another clip from it. This one sees Ezra and the ragtag group of Rebels plan to liberate some Wookiee slaves from the Empire.

It's starting to feel like we've seen half of Rebels' opening special Spark of Rebellion through sneak peeks, trailers and extended clips, but it's nice to see the show slowly coming together. The sting of Clone Wars' loss still smarts, and only time will tell whether Rebels is a worthy successor, but so far it's looking very fun.


I will admit that I loved the teams plan to use Zeb as a 'rare hairless wookiee' to infiltrate the Imperial slave transport, though. This show lays on the McQuarrie influences thick!

Star Wars: Rebels kicks off with an hour long special October 3rd on Disney XD.

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