New Discovery Channel President Declares "No More Bullsh*t" Policy

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Have you been angered by the Discovery Channel recently? Maybe for its completely erroneous Megalodon "documentary," or its disgusting, botched "man eaten alive by anaconda" stunt? Well, then you're probably a decent person. You also might be Rich Ross, the new president of the Discovery Channel.


In what is unequivocally good news, Ross announced that Discovery would no longer air this kind of nonsense, at least on his watch. As he told the Television Critics Association's semi-annual press tour yesterday (quotes courtesy of EW):

"I don't think it's actually right for Discovery Channel. And it's [a type of programming] that I think in some ways has run its course. ... They've done very well, many of them, but it's not something that's right for us … if something [has been previously ordered], it's probably still coming. But I'm telling you where I am and how I feel moving forward."

As for the Eaten Alive stunt:

"It was the right intention with a packaging that was misleading. Paul Rosolie cares deeply about snakes and wanted to draw attention [to deforestation]. You don't have to be so sensational. In his mind he thought it was actually possible. But the fever of that story got out of control. ... I don't believe you'll see a person being eaten by a snake during my time here."

I wouldn't mind if he were even more emphatic here, but anything that gets utterly awful bullshit like Eaten Alive off the air I'm for.




Now if only the "history" channel would follow suit