New drug lets mice eat junk food and gain less weight

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Researchers have discovered how to block the "hunger hormone" ghrelin in mice. But it might not do humans much good in its current form. Ghrelin is known to promote weight gain and stimulate appetite in mammals when activated by an enzyme called ghrelin O-acyltransferase, or GOAT.

The research team created a peptide-based drug called GO-CoA-Tat, which inhibited GOAT. The treated mice stopped gaining as much weight, even though they were eating exactly the same amount of high-fat foods.


Sounds like a promising start for a weight loss drug. But the GOAT inhibitor requires multiple injections, which means it's unlikely to be used for human treatment in its current form. Still, we look forward to the day when McDonalds advertises that its burgers contain GOAT inhibitors to protect you from the ill effects

Research published in Science