A little more than a year ago, the iPhone and iPad finally got a Gmail app. It stunk. Even after hurried updates from an embarrassed Google. Now there's a new app—Gmail 2.0 for iPhone and iPad.


The new app has multiple account support (about time!), autocomplete predictions, and improved Google+ integration. We'll have impressions in just a bit, but those, in addition to some the new look, animations, and basically the whole new app make it seem like a great start. Hopefully it turns out as great as the Android version, which wouldn't be a huge surprise, since Google now owns Sparrow, the last great third party email client for iOS.

Update: We've added a hands on video to give you a taste of the app in action. Short version: it's pretty great! A major improvement over the clunkiness of the previous iteration, with smooth animations and notifications that make sense. [Google]


video by Michael Hession
music by Upright TRex

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