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New iPhone OS 3.1 Has Clear Traces of New Apple iProducts

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It was only hinted before in a text string, but the new iPhone OS 3.1 update's USB Device Configuration XML property list clearly shows not one, but two new unidentified Apple products:

The first model—identified as iProd0,1—has a standardMuxPTP description. Since no other models start with a zero as a first identifier, we can only guess this is a prototype. The second model is the iProd1,1, which indicates a first generation product.


It has the same description as the iPhone: StandardMuxPTPEthernet. This probably means that, like the Jesusphone, it supports high speed network capabilities.

Could this be the tablet that may be coming in September? The strings don't say much else, so we don't know what they may be. However, it is enough to give our tablet probability meter a 5% boost. [Ars Technica]