New iRobot Roombas Aimed at Pets and Very Dirty People

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iRobot is expanding their Roomba line with three new models intended for more industrial of use. The Roomba 532 and 562 Pet Series Robots ($350 and $400) are meant for animal owners—or anyone sucking up massive amounts of floor hair—and equipped with larger sweeping bins to accommodate copious amounts of fur. The Roomba 610 Professional Series ($600) is similar, sporting a larger bin as well, but also comes with an extra, interchangeable bin and a Max Mode that will burn the batteries lower to finish big rooms. All three units are available now. Here are the full specifics:

iRobot Introduces Roomba Pet and Professional Vacuum Cleaning Robots New iRobot Roomba Pet Series Perfect for Pet Owners; Roomba Professional Series Handles Larger Areas and Office Spaces BEDFORD, Mass.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—iRobot Corp. (NASDAQ: IRBT) today introduced the newest additions to its line of vacuum cleaning robots, the iRobot® Roomba® Pet Series Vacuum Cleaning Robot and the iRobot® Roomba® Professional Series Vacuum Cleaning Robot. Engineered and designed with pet owners in mind, the new iRobot Roomba 532 and 562 Pet Series Robots pick up even more pet hair and dander with the help of higher capacity sweeper bins and additional accessories. The new iRobot Roomba 610 Professional Series Robot cleans even the largest of areas, perfect for maintaining office spaces or large high traffic areas. Help for Hairy Homes The new Roomba Pet Series Vacuum Cleaning Robots make caring for a home with pets easier. The Pet Series robots come equipped with an extra set of easy-to-clean brushes, a high capacity sweeper bin for trapping even more pet hair, kitty litter or dander and cleaning tools for ensuring both sets of brushes remain free of debris so they can perform optimally. The sweeper bin holds three-and-a-half times more debris than the vacuum bin, and counter-rotating brushes reach deep into carpets to pull out pet hair and dander. The new iRobot Roomba Pet Series Robots are available immediately in the U.S. and range in price from $349 to $399. The iRobot Roomba 532 Pet Series Vacuum Cleaning Robot, priced at $349, cleans up to three standard-sized rooms on a single charge. It comes standard with two Virtual Walls® that use infrared beams to confine and guide the Roomba from room to room and then return it to its Home Base when it is done vacuuming. The Roomba 532 also includes iRobot's latest technological innovations, such as a light-touch bumper, advanced anti-tangle technology and the ability to transition from carpets to hard flooring with ease. The iRobot Roomba 562 Pet Series Robot, priced at $399, comes with all of the same features found in the Roomba 532 model. In addition, it features an extra set of brushes and can clean up to four standard-sized rooms on a single charge. The Roomba 562 also includes an on-board scheduling function, so it can be programmed to automatically clean up to seven days a week, even when owners are away, and with the new high capacity sweeper bin, Roomba can pick up even more pet debris than ever before. Going Pro Designed for small business owners or those with larger areas to clean, the iRobot Roomba 610 Professional Series Vacuum Cleaning Robot features a high capacity sweeper bin, extra brushes and filters, and cleaning tools. It comes equipped with two interchangeable bins that can be utilized for either everyday cleaning or for picking up larger-than-usual amounts of debris. The Roomba 610 also comes with a convenient storage case to keep its extra accessories and sweeping bin organized and in one place. Additionally, the Roomba 610 features Max Mode, which allows the Roomba to clean until the battery is almost drained, and then returns it to its Home Base, allowing the maximum cleaning effort possible in larger homes, offices or business settings. The Roomba 610 Professional Series retails for $599 and is the only iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaning robot to carry a two-year warranty. The Roomba 610 features the same Roomba functionality customers have come to expect from iRobot. The Roomba 610 vacuums the entire floor, under and around furniture and along walls and adjusts automatically from carpets to hard floors. The Roomba 610 comes equipped with two Virtual Wall® Lighthouses™ and also features durable paint and a bumper guard, providing a scratch resistant finish to the Roomba and more protection for furniture. All Roomba Pet and Professional Series robots include iRobot's patented three-stage cleaning system that automatically adjusts to effectively clean carpets and hard floors. Roomba's intelligent cleaning system evaluates its environment more than 60 times per second so the robot is always delivering the right amount of cleaning power to your floor, regardless of the size of the room, or the size of the pet. Availability The new iRobot Roomba Pet and Roomba Professional Series robots are available immediately in the U.S. from





It's all lies.

I have a Roomba from the last generation that was specifically for pet hair. Every single time I used it I had to completely disassemble it and clean every last crevice of dog hair (I have a single large dog). I don't mean just taking out the brush. I mean I had to figure out how to completely disassemble the thing, which took scissors, the included brush-cleaning tool, and a few other small implements. Then after cleaning it I had to put it back together and charge it. And it never actually finds its base automatically as it's supposed to. It gets right up next to it, then tries and tries and tries to park before giving up and making that sad noise.

Failure to perform this cleaning every time meant that next time it would run for 3 minutes and then give up until you took it apart.

The manual did not mention anything about how to clean it the way I had to, and multiple unhappy emails to iRobot went completely unanswered.

Bad customer service, and a product simply not suited for pet hair. The size of the bin doesn't matter when the bearings on both sides of the brush get so filled with hair after one room that the thing chokes up and dies.