This Is Perhaps Possibly the New iPhone's Rear End

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MacRumors has laid its hands on a couple of images purporting to show the inside and rear shell of the next iPhone.


The images seem to show the same logic board that appeared in a leak earlier this week. While the main chip isn't conventionally branded with an Apple A-series prefix, the date stamp suggests that the silicon was manufactured on the 43rd week of 2012. Rather older than expected, that suggests that this could be a very early prototype. Or, perhaps, fake. Difficult to tell.


Elsewhere, the rear shell looks broadly similar to the current iPhone 5, though it does sport a a vertical pill-shaped window for the LED flash. That suggests a dual LED flash, rather than the single one found on current iPhones. While there's no telling if this is the real deal or otherwise, subtle incremental changes are perhaps more believable than grand sweeping redesigns. Regardless, expect to see much more where this came from over the coming months. [Mac Rumors]

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I'm genuinely curious as to if the general public is still absolutely interested in the iPhone like it was by the time the iPhone 4 launched.

To me the iPhone was the one and only phone and after the introduction of the 4S my interest continously decreased up to the point I'm really happy with a Nexus 4 now. I wonder if I'm alone in this or if it's a more widespread thing.