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New Magazine Is Like GQ For Robots And Supervillains

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The space-age editors over at Coilhouse Magazine are reviving the print world with their own beautifully shocking magazine. Each page includes cutting edge artists, gorgeous futuristic ladies (with a touch of Victorian class but not steampunky), an excerpt from Samuel R. Delany's next novel, and articles calling out all those goth-on-chain human pets to step it up (finally!). We were sent an issue of this artsy magazine, and wanted to share some of it's futuristic beauty with you in a gallery, below. Some of the arty pics are [NSFW]. The team at Coilhouse (Zoetica Ebb, Nadya Lev and Meredith Yayanos) call their writing , "a love letter to alternate culture composed in an era when alternate culture no longer exists." They sample from the future, the past and the ridiculous present, inside each page. A feature story focused on the Spanish photographer Eugenio Recuenco's dark photography gives the sense of a darker tomorrow trapped in the paintings of the past. We picked out our favorite below, the winged beauty that could easily be the cloned child of the Wright Brothers, if you infused her DNA with the actual airplanes. Also included between the pages of Coilhouse Magazine is an excerpt from Samuel R. Delany (author of Nova, Babel-17 and The Einstein Intersection) new novel, which is not yet published, Through The Valley Of The Nest Of Spiders. It's a love story that follows a couple (Shit and Eric) starting at 2007 and on into the future, but of course deals with so much more (expect additional info on that later). Perhaps my favorite piece is the "People As Pets." I have no problem with the Goth population, I just wish they would step it up a bit, and so does Coilhouse. Giving their spin on the "girl chained to a guy" look that is prevalent throughout this society, Coilhouse made actual people pets, and now I want one. What else awaits you in these pages? How about a 5 simple steps to becoming your own supervillain. Find out all the important steps one must take in order to rule the world, but most important what not to do. For example, "Villains do not wear UGG boots or garments declaring things like 'Sweet and Tangy' across the ass." Still confused, don't worry there's a drawing of a pretty incredibly costume that I would be happy to wear. In between artist featured pieces on the great musician Dr. Steele, a giant spread of Travis Louie's Victorian monsters, and Jessica Joslin's half skeleton half robot creatures are pages and pages of fashion spreads. Sometimes it get's a little pretty lady heavy, but each one is beautiful in its own right. I encourage all of you visit the site and purchase this stunning magazine. I'm already thinking about getting a second so I can tear out pages and frame some of the shots in my bathroom. Coilhouse will be available in some bookstores in the future. [Coilhouse]