New News on Future Palm Treos

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According to an analyst at Caris &Co, we have a general line-up of new Palm stuff. The main course being the Palm Treo for Windows Mobile being called the Treo 700w. Basically, we should still see it before next February on Verizon, which has an exclusive on it until at least mid-2006. Sorry Sprint, no play for you for a while.
On top of this exciting news, we also hear that the Palm OS-based Treo 650 Refresh, a product comparable to the 700w, will be released in May in EVDO, also from Verizon—though this time, Sprint will get it at the same time. No idea whether it will ship with the current Palm OS or the new Palmsource (if it's even ready to go at the time).
Lastly, we've got the legendary mid-range unit, which Palm has talked about since it launched the Treo. With a $200 price tag, this product would be a nice addition but won't be seen until 2007, if at all.

Palm Treo Roadmap Revealed [Bargain PDA]


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