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New Nook Announcement Nears

Illustration for article titled New Nook Announcement Nears

Barnes & Noble has cordially invited us to special announcement next Tuesday morning! They're playing it coy on the invite, but they already let it slip in a filing that May 24th happens to be the day they're setting loose a "new eReader device." Our money's on a cheaper E-Ink alternative, but there are some camps insisting it'll be a souped-up Android tablet. We'll know soon enough!


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Serolf Divad

I'd be kinda surprised if it were a souped up Android tablet, what with the Nook Color just now getting its legs (with the 1.2 update that transformed the eReader into a bonafide tablet). I think we'll see Nook Color II sometime next year, when the Nook App market can boast of 1000s of titles rather than 100s.