New Palm Pre Ad Is Chock Full of Elaborately Choreographed Prison Inmates

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Oh, wait...nevermind! Palm is just fetishizing vague notions of Asian spirituality for capital gain!

Jason insists they're slaves. Regardless, there's a lot of fancy movement going on. The orange-clad gurus are all arranged in concentric circles, referencing the Pre's ripple effect whenever you touch the screen. All of this is capped off by plenty of Palm Pre glamour shots and the indentured servants moving around to form fancy patterns (not unlike Nintendo's 1989 ad for Super Mario 3).

To be fair, the visuals in the ad are actually pretty neat, even if a bit self-important. It's also hard for me to criticize anything that uses M83's "Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun" as the soundtrack. So Palm, I'll give you a B+ for your commercial. [Facebook]