New Palm Pre Promo Vid Shows Fandango, Pandora Apps; Multitasking Galore

Palm has released another demo video of the Pre in action, and this time, some pretty nice-looking third-party apps are the focus in planning a (dirty?) weekend for three friends. I'm liking this.

Within, we see our favorite husky-voiced, perhaps opium-addicted voice actress fly through the Web OS's sweet Cards multitasking system, as well as the consolidated approach to contact storage with IM accounts, emails, social networking accounts and phone numbers all in one place. Also on view is the notification input at the bottom, which borrows nicely from Android's top tray. It's nothing we haven't really seen before, but the emphasis on third-party apps (which may or may not be mockups) is nice.


So in the end, everyone goes to see the Watchmen and then has brunch together. The unemployed get job opportunities. Everyone's happy. Then the Pre-wielding matriarch of this group can kick back and listen to Careless Hearts, have another vicodin, and survey the world she hath made. I can dig this! Release date please? [Palm]

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Maybe she was using a voice-changing app on the phone while doing the infomercial? That's another multi-tasking thing that the Jesus Phone can't do!

It's those subtle things that make me love this phone...