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Microsoft Hohm, the energy usage-tracking web app, just got a whole lot easier to use. Microsoft and Blue Line Innovation have created a power meter reader so anyone can use Microsoft Hohm to see exactly how much money they're wasting.


Previously in order get real-time home energy data on your Hohm profile, you had to get electricity from a partnered utility provider, which really limited Hohm's scope. Now, anyone can buy the $249 Blue Line Power Cost Monitor WiFi Edition and snap it onto their power meter.


The power meter reader sends its information directly to Microsoft Hohm's web app to determine the real cost of your energy use, so you'll find out how much you're spending on energy use at 6:00 PM as opposed to 9:00 PM and so on. Troy Batterberry, product unit manager for Microsoft Hohm, explains:

"The Blue Line PowerCost Monitor and WiFi Gateway provide updates every 30 seconds, so you're getting real-time data so you can take real-time action. It's kind of like online banking for your energy bill, offering 24x7 access to your usage."

The set up is really easy and if you're a nut for having all the information you can get about your energy use, Hohm is a pretty sweet option. [Microsoft]

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