New Procedure Turns Beer Bellies into Bigger Boobies

Illustration for article titled New Procedure Turns Beer Bellies into Bigger Boobies

Ladies, you're perfect just the way you are. Don't let society get you down and ruin your body image. You're beautiful. Not convinced? Do you think you need a bigger chest to get that promotion or to snag a quality man? Well, it's your life. A new procedure can take fat cells from your belly or butt, mix 'em up with stem cells, inject them into your mammos, and suddenly your boobs will start to grow.


The whole thing can be done in less than an hour, allowing you to sneak away on your lunch break to get a boost to your breasts. The growth occurs over six months, so it's not a sudden change like implants. It's also your own body fat, so you won't feel like someone stapled a couple of soccer balls to your chest.

The procedure is initially intended for women who've had mastectomies, which is great, but it surely won't be long before this becomes the next Botox. Seriously though… you don't need it. [BBC]


@jennyfur: QFT. I was going to say just about everything you did and now have nothing to contribute. crud.

That said, I wish we could get more females involved. When they do post on tech blogs they always seem to be reasoned and thought out (note the qualifier of "tech blogs"; I did not mean sites like the It's sort of hard to argue that we could use some quality comments like this when, albeit only some, the comments made by the guys amount to "got milk" and "dibs."