New Rewritable E-Paper Could Someday Save Trees

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Researchers from Taiwan have developed an eco-friendly type of electronic paper. The rewritable i2R e-paper uses heat to store images, isn't backlit and does not consume electricity.


The e-paper can be used up to 260 times and can be erased by passing it through a thermal writing device. It's a perfect replacement for notebooks or bulletin boards that are updated on a regular basis.

The e-paper was developed at the Industrial Technology Research Institute in Tokyo and has been transferred to a Taiwan company for further development. Expect to see the technology land as a consumer product in the next year or two. [Physorg]

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Or this could kill trees. See paper companies are not stupid, and paper comes from special trees not just any tree growing in the woods will do. So as you use paper and the trees get used up from the tree farms, paper companies plant more trees. so the more paper you use the more trees are being planted. if we aren't using paper, the paper companies stop planting new paper trees in their farms, hence we stop using paper we are killing trees.