New RIM Patents Hint at New Blackberry Form Factors, Advanced Multi-Touch Displays

A couple of new Blackberry patents have been unearthed that may or may not give us some hints as to what to expect in upcoming models. First up is a design for a phone with a screen that angles up, presumable for watching video when the phone is placed on a flat surface. The second patent is for a new LCD touchscreen technology.


It's a multi-touch display patent, but in addition to being able to detect multiple points of contact at once, it can also detect just how much pressure is being used by each finger. That's a pretty interesting twist on touchscreens, one that one can imagine a multitude of functions for, such as zooming in on a picture when you press down harder on the screen. We'll see which of these, if either, will be appearing on RIM devices in the future. [Unwired View]

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