New Rise of the Planet of the Apes clips show off David Hewlett's dark side

We've got over 4 minutes of excellent ape footage that humanizes poor chimp Caesar — and makes Stargate's David Hewlett look like a galloping jackass. Rodney McKay, you leave that nice man alone.


We had totally forgotten that Hewlett was in this, and damn is he mean, mean, mean to poor John Lithgow. Naturally he totally gets foot-smacked by Caesar, which is also pretty terrifying. But, more than us being Stargate nerds, this clip shows off some serious drama between CG beast and man. And it really works.

Here's another (slightly shorter) clip that's just some apes monkeying around on the 405. Apepocalypse! The more we see from this flick, the more excited we're starting to get!

Rise of the Planet of the Apes will air on August 5th.

[Watch the whole clip in HD at Yahoo]



How is Mckay being a jackass? Someone just smashed up his and two of his neighbors' cars, he didn't attack Lithgow, just pulled him out, and was calling the police to report an accident/crime. Totally rational, non-jackass reaction.