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I've long been a fan of Samsung monitors, not only for their crisp displays, but also for their cool design aesthetic. Well, looks like Samsung is set to wow us yet again with two shiny new 20-inch LCD monitors: the SyncMasterMagic CX201TS and the SyncMaster 204Ts. Both feature 1600 x 1200 resolution, A/V input, and Picture-in-Picture, and at least one of them can rotate vertically. See, we're not sure on which, because we can't read a lick of Korean, and neither can the fine folks over at I4U. So we can't tell you what price they're going for, or their availability either. But here's hoping it'll arrive stateside soon, because I need a kick-ass monitor to show off at my next LAN party.

Samsung's new 20-inch LCD Monitors (Korean) [Samsung Korea via I4U]


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