New Slingbox Stuff Next Week Including a Touchscreen Device

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Dave Zatz has an invite to a CES Slingbox event. Neato: New video streaming gear including a touchscreen device.

You'll experience an up close view of Sling's new placeshifting products including WiFi television, ultra-slim Slingboxes, and a next-generation touch screen device.


I just hope it's not mostly echostar-only stuff, since they were acquired. [Zatz]



Sling has slipped further and further into obscurity and irrelevance. After the horribly botched launch of the Slingcatcher and the complete failure to deliver SlingPlayer 2.0 for Mac users I've more or less given up on them as ever being able to deliver a "wow" product again.

Sorry Sling but the Touch Player thing looks like some kind of Garmin Phone move, a "me too" ploy made by an aging executive who thinks he's still hip.

How about you follow this plan to revitalization;

1. Bring out a Slingcatcher that actually works. You know, can Sling REAL HD content, watch Hulu, in other words do something useful without having to rely on your shitty sling projector software from a PC.

Something that competed with Popcorn and Vudu and could also catch Sling feeds would be a huge hit. Too bad you're run by a bunch of fucking idiots and will cease to exist before you figure this out.

2. Get a 2.0 Mac client out that does HD.

3. Lower the price of your HD box to $149. Start development of Slingbox HD that can handle HDMI feeds from multiple devices.

4. Dump the other Slingboxes.

Thanks, that is all.