New Star Trek comic to explain those darned 1990s Eugenics Wars

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Khan Noonien Singh was truly the greatest genetically enhanced soldier who fought in the Eugenic Wars of the 1990s — the only problem is that no one seems to remember them happening. IDW will try to correct this problem by releasing Star Trek: Khan, a comic that explains whatever the hell happened.

Regular readers might remember I discussed this very matter in yesterday's "Postal Apocalypse" column, in which the new Trek universe decided to keep the old Trek universe's origin for Khan, which included him becoming a major warlord in late 20th centiry. Of course, this was a fine idea when Khan was first introduced in the Star Trek TV series in 1967, but somewhat more problematic when Star Trek Into Darkness came out earlier this year.


Apparently old Trek universe writers have tried to get around the discrepancy by saying the Eugenic Wars were just really, really secret, and everybody was just too busy watching ABC's TGIF line-up to notice. I wonder if this comic, which will be written and drawn by Mike Johnson and Claudia Balboni, overseen by producer Roberto Orci, and will come out this October will go that route, or just say fuck it and give us his full old-school Trek origin (courtesy of Memory Alpha):

By 1993, a wave of the genetic "supermen" including Khan, had simultaneously assumed control of more than 40 of Earth's nations. From 1992 to 1996, Khan was absolute ruler of more than one-quarter of Earth's population, including regions of Asia and the Middle East. Considered "the best of tyrants", he severely curtailed the freedoms of his subjects, but his reign was an exception to similar circumstances in Earth history – lacking massacres or internal war.


My vote for what Khan named his kingdom: "Cumberbatchsylvania."

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