New Star Trek Trailer Bootlegged

I just watched Bond and caught the new Star Trek trailer, which was conveniently on YouTube when I got home for repeat viewing and "Woo! Woo!" action. Update: You can now see the trailer in High Definition here. [YouTube]



This isn't Star Trek. It's just typical Hollywood boring actin and more action sequence. It's just Transformers in space. Non stop eye candy. Eye candy is used when there is no story. Listen to the music in the trailer. It's tempo driven for action. U can easily replace the characters with Anakin, ObiWan, etc, and you'll have a Star Wars/Transformers type movie. Looks pretty boring to me. Too bad they ruined it.

Clearly Paramount wants to make ST a wide audience movie such as Spiderman, Transformers, etc. The only way to do that is to rip out the soul of Trek and replace it with action sequences. That, they've done a pretty good job doing. This isn't ST, it's just a formula fx movie and the Kirk/Spock/McCoy, etc actors are merely the bait to get the original fans in the movie theater. Once in, they will show us action sequences without the vision of Roddenberry.