New Star Wars Perfumes Finally Tell Us What Jedi Are Meant to Smell Like

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Peppercorns, patchouli, and oranges, apparently.

Yes, Star Wars merchandising truly knows no bound, and after The Force Awakens took over women’s cosmetics at Covergirl last year, not even the makeup counter is free from getting in on the galaxy far, far, away. Case in point? A new line of perfume in Europe that comes in Jedi, Empire, and... Queen Amidala fragrances, complete with Lightsaber-inspired bottles.


So, how do you bottle up religious cults, horrifying dictatorships, and an elected monarch into smells? According to German-based perfumery Lifestyle Perfumes, it involves a large quantity of citrus fruits, which feature in all three of the themed fragrances. I’m sure there’s a Wookiepedia entry somewhere that explains why the citizens of the galaxy were so into citrus. Here’s the breakdowns for the Jedi and Sith perfumes:

Sadly no specifics on Amidala, just a picture that features oranges, chocolates, and vanilla, and presumably not the smell of whatever those big bulbous space cows she and Anakin were rolling around with on Naboo were called in Attack of the Clones. If you like Star Wars, smelling nice, and are European, these are available now.

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I’m guessing the Jabba the Hutt fragrance was shelved.