New Toshiba Phone 'Acts Like a Secretary'

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Toshiba is working on a new cellphone with tech that allows it to, uh, behave like a secretary. Apparently, that means it tracks you wherever you go and gives you info without your asking. Sounds like a creepy secretary, Toshiba!


Despite the awkward way they're pitching this, it does sound relatively interesting.

The technology, which could be available for practical use by the end of this year, enables cellphones to "predict" the user's actions based on behavioral patterns monitored by such programs as the Global Positioning System, Toshiba officials said.

The technology also draws on acceleration sensors that detect the handsets' movements, such as rocking and shaking.

For example, cellphones with the technology can automatically display train schedules for the nearest station when the user leaves home in the morning.

It can also recommend places to eat when the user leaves the office for lunch.

OK! Of course, this would need to be more useful than annoying for it to really catch on, which I'm skeptical about. When I leave my apartment in the morning, I generally know when my train leaves. I don't need my phone pinging me with that sort of info. But I guess we'll wait and see just how smart this, uh, "secretary" actually is. [Asahi via TokyoMango]



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