New Trailer For The Last Man On The Moon Is Absolutely Riveting

Back in December 1972, Apollo 17 astronaut "Gene" Cernan returned to the lunar module after nearly two and half days of surface operations. No one has returned since, designating him the "last man on the moon." A new documentary now tells the story of this remarkable "final" journey.


The 99-minute, Mark Craig-directed documentary was produced by UK-based Mark Stewart Productions. The film features firsthand accounts from the now 80-year-old Cernan, along with his family and several other astronauts. No official release date has been announced, but it's set to appear in the UK later this year.

And the early reviews are good. According to Universe Today's Jason Major: "There have been advance screenings very recently, at some of which Cernan was present for Q&A sessions. Some viewers are calling it 'the best space documentary they have seen' so needless to say I'm pretty excited about it!"

[h/t Universe Today]


The Homework Ogre

Far be it for me to feel sorry for anybody who actually walked on the moon, but I'm sure this is not how Gene Cernan thought he was going to go down in history.