New Tron Legacy Scenes (Reminder: Get Your Tickets NOW)

Tron: Legagy is almost here, but December still feels too far away. Thankfully, you can whet your appetite for all things neon with these new scenes from the movie, featured in Daft Punk's Derezzed video.


Yet another reason to buy tickets as soon as possible. I don't know if the screenplay is bad or if the direction is horrible, but I don't care. I need this eye candy overdose. In fact, get the IMAX 3D version, which are now on sale too. Our own Mark Wilson has already bought his yesterday. [Thanks Mark!]


Matthew Davidson

There simply isn't any way this movie (or the soundtrack) can live up to nearly two years of hype. Love the art direction. Beautiful. Love the fact that they're making a sequel. But if that white haired guy is any indication of the acting or the script, well... it feels more like Matrix reloaded.

Also, I'm all for Daft Punk and everything, but there is a huge difference between scoring a movie and having music tracked to a scene. Remember when people were all agog over Prince 'scoring' Batman. He didn't. Danny Elfman did. There were just some Prince songs edited in. I fully believe that there will be way more of a Daft Punk presence in Tron than Prince presence in Batman, but I really don't believe at this point they're 'scoring' the film in the traditional sense of the word. I'm sure this makes sense from a marketing perspective (just read these comments), but calling what they're doing 'film scoring' is an insult to masters of the art such as Bernard Herrmann and Ennio Morricone. It sounds more like they made some music and it was laid in.