New Virus Holds Your Weird Fetishes For Ransom

The internet's newest, scariest trojan virus doesn't just destroy your computer, it destroys the esteem in which you're held by your loved ones and colleagues, too! By publishing your browser history unless you pay a $15 ransom, that is.

If you've been downloading illegal Hentai games off the popular Japanese file-sharing site Winni, clear your browser's history this instant. At least, do so if you don't want the Kenzero trojan announcing your food/foot/fur/fairy/falafel fetish to the world.


The trojan presents itself as the game's registration screen, only to turn around and publish your personal details, along with a screenshot of your browser's history, on the internet. Scrubbing your seedy details from the web—the same one searched by your grandmother, your boss, and your prospective fiance's parents—requires the payment of a 1500 yen ransom, about $15.

Kenzero is the work of a gang that responsible for a number of recent cybercrimes. For everyone's sake, in this case, don't let yourself become a victim. [BBC]


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