New York Set to Get Ultra-Techy Bike-Sharing Scheme

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Following Denver, Minneapolis and Washington—not to mention the original bike-sharing attempt in AmsterdamNew York is hoping to pimp out the community bike scheme, with 10,000 GPS and Wi-Fi* equipped bikes being proposed by the Department of Transportation.


It'll be the largest bike-sharing system in the whole of the US, with the bikes being available to hire 24 hours a day, with an unlimited number of 30-min long hire periods. A subscription must be paid to hire the bikes, which will be available in around 30 docking stations across the city. There'll also be 600 solar-powered bikes dotted about for the even-greener cyclists.

The scheme isn't definite, with New York City's Department of Transportation only issuing the proposal now—but if "wireless technology" means *Wi-Fi, that's pretty crazy. I can see hipsters rolling around with their iPads propped between the handlebars already. [Transportation National via Fastco]



In Holland we've got a nationwide bike sharing plan. It's simple really. If your bike gets stolen, and it will get stolen eventually, you buy a new bike from a junkie for 10-15 euros. Or you steal one yourself.

This also saves beggars since the junkies have a 'job'.