Next DS To Have HD Screen, Potentially 720p

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Boy, that Satoru Iwata has been awfully mouthy recently. In addition to sounding off about the next DS having a motion sensor, he also told Asahi that it'll have a higher-resolution screen. A HIGH DEFINITION screen.

Upgrading the 256 x 192 DS, the next DS incarnation—after the DSi XL—will have a 1024 x 768 screen according to several sites, which is very close to a decent 720p res. Iwata also confirmed Nintendo is in talks with several networks for connected DS consoles, which is something he mentioned a few months back when he touched upon the likelihood of allowing ebooks to be downloaded over 3G. [Asahi via Fast Company]

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Is Nintendo going to upgrade the processor to support true 3D graphics as well? Because if they're not, why bother with 720p?