Next-Gen Accelerometers Will Have Temperature Sensor Amongst Other Cool Functions

In an ongoing quest to bring you news about the guts of your next gadgets, here's some riveting stuff about accelerometers. Remember when they first burst onto the scene? How much fun we had tilting out phones? Yeah, that.

Anyway, STMicroelectronics is one of the big suppliers, and has just shed some details on a new three-axis digital accelerometer which is not only the smallest, but uses way less power than before. That could mean we see more accelerometers in cheaper phones, slimmer phones and with the enhanced functionality—namely double click-recognition, and the ability to wake up the phone when motion is detected—we should be seeing even better apps harnessing the new technology. In addition to those new features, the ST sensors can also sense temperature changes.


The new ST sensors are 2 x 2mm, and the energy consumption is under 10 microamperes at a 100Hz rate. Expect to see more news about these babies once they pop up in some devices, and hopefully some better motion-based apps than the spirit level one. [ST]

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