Talking to APC, Palm CEO Ed Colligan revealed some of the broader strokes of its next-gen OS, upon which the company's hopes for relevance are inexorably pinned. Due in '09, it'll be "a new prosumer brand" that fits "in between the Centro and Treo lines." He refers to the OS as "Palm 2.0" at one point—as in Web 2.0—noting that it's "driven around the Internet and Web-based applications," which APC says it like "a very modern take on the original OS."


So, basically take the current Palm OS, add a dash of web 2.0 internet and you've got Palm 2.0. I don't even have a serious affinity for Palm, but man I hope Ed here is just a master of understatement. Because fundamentally, I like writing about companies and people beating back the odds and the weight of history, not relics. [APC]