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New Palm OS, 18 Months Around Corner. Too Late?

New Palm OS, 18 Months Around Corner. Too Late?

As reported yeterday, Palm's upcoming OS is a ways out: 18 months to be specific. After Palm's unfulfilled tryst with the Foleo, engineers from that project have been moved to OS development. But all the same, engineers can't get the Linux-based project completed fast enough. So what do you think, readers? Will your heart still beat for Palm in 18 months?

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I own the Palm Treo 700wx and I have mixed feelings about it. First of all it runs on Windows Mobile 5, so I've never actually experienced the Palm OS except at the store when I was deciding which one to buy. However I think the movement in the business world is to Windows based phones since 98% of companies are running their PC's on Windows and if your phone runs it too, it just makes everything click. That being said there are a lot of features that are lacking, MMS, for example, Wi-Fi for another (although you can get a SD Wi-Fi card). Palm should be concentrating on making better phones that are full featured and sexy...

Bottom line is, I enjoyed my Treo to it's full extent but I've been left wanting more, so for my next phone I'm def. looking at an HTC with Windows Mobile 6 or that mini-laptop phone that runs on (ugh) Vista. If it was up to me our company would switch to Macs and I would never use another Microsoft product in my life.

Also I should mention that iPhone is not an option for me as I live in Canada and apparently Apple has no plans to release it here. (I probably wouldn't buy the iPhone V.1. anyway)