Next-Generation Intel Atom Processors: Smaller, More Efficient, Not Much More Powerful

Intel revealed its new line of Atom processors today, including the "Pineview" nettop-centered ones we saw benchmarked earlier. What do they have to offer? A smaller footprint, better efficiency, and not a lot more power.


The new chips include the N450 for netbooks and the D410 and D510 for nettops (or, as Intel kept calling them, "entry-level desktops"). The big news is that they've integrated the graphics and memory controller into the processor, which results in a much smaller footprint (and in turn, could mean smaller devices). They've also made the usual improvements in efficiency and size—the N450 is 60% smaller and 20% more efficient than its predecessor, while the D410 and D510 are 70% smaller and 50% more efficient.

But there hasn't been much change in the base power of the chips; the N450 is clocked at 1.66GHz, single-core, with a 512kb cache and supports only DDR2 memory. Besides that, the 2GB memory ceiling is still in effect—and the Nvidia Ion configuration will give you better graphics performance. Intel will announce final pricing and availability information at CES. [Intel]

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