Next PSP Due Before Christmas, Will Feature TWO Thumbsticks??

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We've heard that a new PSP will be coming with a sliding touchscreen. Now Pocket Gamer has said they've confirmed the rumors with a developer working on the platform.


According to their source, the PSP will, in theory, look a lot like this mockup. Its touchscreen will slide to reveal a D-pad and a long-awaited two analog thumbsticks. And as mentioned before, UMD will be ditched for digital downloads. Pocket Gamer says the device is more like the iPhone than the last PSP and speculates that the iPhone and DSi may have accelerated Sony's plans for the future.

So in other words, every rumor we liked about the PSP has just been confirmed by another rumor, and Pocket Gamer assures us that pricing and availability will be announced this June at E3. We'll be there. [Pocket Gamer via Kotaku]



Wait if they ditch the UMD will we be reinburst for the games we already own? I own 10 PSP games so will i only be able to play them on the old PSP? wtf? This seems liek sony is screwing us