Nexus 5 Teardown: (Almost) No Glue For You

Illustration for article titled Nexus 5 Teardown: (Almost) No Glue For You

The folks at iFixit got their hands on Google's new Nexus 5, and did what they do best — tore it apart. And they liked what they saw.


Since Nexus 5 details have been leaking at the speed of Niagara Falls, there aren't too many surprises here. The video gives a good look at the wireless charging pad, 2300 mAh battery, Snapdragon 800 and Qualcomm LTE chip. On repairability, iFixit gives the Nexus 5 eight out of ten — yay for screws and plastic clips instead of glue, and easy-to-remove battery and other components. But boo for bonding the display to the glass. [iFixit]


Good luck having all of your components rattle around inside your phone. That's going to make all of your calls sound like shit. I'll stick with my iPhone and the 3 quarts of glue used to hold it together in place where each component is SUPPOSED to be, thank you very much.