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Nexus 9 Scores Better Than 2012 Mac Pro In One Benchmark

Illustration for article titled Nexus 9 Scores Better Than 2012 Mac Pro In One Benchmark

The Nexus 9 won't officially ship until November 3rd, but that hasn't stopped one sneaking onto the official Geekbench rankings. With its ridiculous-sounding dual-64-bit CPU, it was always destined to be fast; but according to this, it's on par with a professional-level Mac Pro from a couple years ago in at least one minor way.


A cautionary reminder: benchmarks aren't everything! In the case of Geekbench, it's a measure of a couple of different things, including some number-crunching processor-heavy tasks, and memory tests. Also, benchmarks like Geekbench aren't great for comparing x86 and ARM-based systems, or situations where you have a varying number of processors. However, they're still just about the only objective way of comparing computer power across different platforms, so from that perspective, benchmarks are pretty handy.

With that in mind: the 'HTC Volantis' (read: Nexus 9) scored 1,903 in Geekbench. To put that in context: an entry-level 2012 Mac Pro, a machine designed for professional-level media editing and retailing for over a grand, scored a 1,925. Heck, my Macbook Air barely scrapes over the 2,000 mark. In tablet terms, that's nearly unheard of. The Nexus 10 that it's replacing scores 879, and in Geekbench world, double the score means double the performance. Even the year-old iPad Air only squeaks in at 1,085.


All this is just proof, in case you needed it, that tablets are rapidly catching up to all but the most powerful PCs in terms of processing power. Not only does that mean more capable multitasking, video streaming and the like, but it also opens the door for more advanced video-editing and photo-processing apps to come to tablets. Those have normally been the PC's citadel, one of the last remaining barriers to switching operating systems. When you throw in other productivity extras like the keyboard case that's launching alongside the Nexus 10, it's really no surprise that the tablet market is taking bite after bite out of the PC world.

Update: As many of you have noted, this isn't nearly as big a deal as it sounds. The new dual-core Nvidia Denver CPU sure scores high in single-threaded tasks (i.e. those that only use one core) but the Mac Pro absolutely mops the floor with it in multi-threaded operations. Plus, you've always got to consider a computer's form factor: with the Mac Pro's giant case and cooling capacity it can keep those chips running at their max speed without burning up, but if you tried the same with a tablet it would probably throttle down. [Geekbench via Twitter]

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