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Nikola Tesla's Uncanny Cellphone Prediction

Illustration for article titled Nikola Teslas Uncanny Cellphone Prediction

You can call him black magician or Nostradamus reincarnated, but Nikola Tesla was "just" a genius. Such a visionary that he predicted cellphones back in 1909, during a New York Times interview. [Popular Mechanics via Telegraph via Recombu]


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I make predictions like this all the time, and people just scoff at me and call them ridiculous. I'm not talking about crazy outlandish predictions either.

For example I predict that eventually just about any wall will be capable of being a touchscreen and speaker. Whatever you are watching or browsing will follow you around your house activating only the pixels needed to display what you need where you need it.

Yet despite seeing things like OLED technology and the rapid advance of other screen techs, people refuse to believe that this could happen in their lifetimes. It is so strange to me that we are able to convince ourselves that we are in some kind of status-quo when there is more evidence of change around us on a daily basis than at any point in human history.

Sadly when people are convinced that such changes are happening, they often believe that it will lead to the downfall of humanity (or at least the cheapening of the quality of human existence), despite tons of evidence otherwise.

Rock & Roll will ruin our children, and so will Facebook!