Nikon Black Friday Deals Surface

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Nikon's just come up with news about what kind of deal you can get on some of its cameras on Black Friday. There's a $50 discount on the 10-megapixel Coolpix S550 (down to $150) and $100 off the 18x zoom P80, making it $300. But the D60 gets an even bigger chunk off with a $125 discount to $575. Sure there're a few conditions, like the D60 has to come in the DSLR kit with a system case and DVD from an authorized dealer, but since Nikon's not a retailer itself that's still not bad. Check out the Nikon link for more details and more discounts on other cameras and lenses. [Nikon]



Coolpix S550, I thought you was black, man.

-Lord Nikon