Nikon follows up its S7c and S9 with the S50c and the S50. Like its predecessors, the 7mp, 3x zoom, optical stabilized cameras are slim, utilizing a periscope styled lens like those premiered in Minolta Dimage cams a long time ago. The lens in the S7c received some scores for being soft focused. These might be the same, but its too early to judge.

What's cool about the WiFi enabled S50c (in silver, only) is that on top of being able to email shots, Nikon is providing 2GB of server space for each cam sold, so you can share as soon as you get to an AP.


The cameras also have impressive ISO ratings of 1600, for low light shooting, 3-inch LCDs supposedly bright enough to view in the bright of day, face tracking, and AV slideshows.

Sounds good, but with all of these periscope lenses, we'll have to see how the quality is around the edges. Some blogs are also complaining about the rated shots per charge (130), which seem low. The S50 is available in black, without WiFi.

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