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Nikon's New SLR Leaked, the D60

Illustration for article titled Nikons New SLR Leaked, the D60

Ooh, it looks like someone has snuck up behind Nikon and lifted her skirt before she was set to show off her goodies at PMA. (Was that opening sexist? Yeah, it was. But imagine if we used a male metaphor. There would be vomit and tears).


The big news? Nikon is releasing the new D60 DSLR. It's got the same body design as the existing D40 (pictured here), features 10.2MP, Nikon's 3D Color Matrix Metering II system, Active D-Lighting for adjustable shadow detail, other integrated retouch settings and some pretty extreme dust prevention. In addition to a sensor cleaner, the D60 includes a Integrated Dust Reduction System that constantly chambers air away from the imaging sensor. It's like having a tiny maid in your camera. And hopefully we'll have a hands-on later this week (of the camera). [photographybay]

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Ellipsis marks are ... my friends


It's hard to say how D40-like the D60 will be until the camera actually appears and a complete spec sheet is available. Nikon is just adding features while trying to hit a very popular (and profitable) price point.

And Nikon "falling short (yet again)"? Their latest dSLR offerings have been quite amazing by all accounts. If you're waiting for a D80 refresh, then yes, it is disappointing, but as a Canon user, I'm much more disappointed...