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Nikon's Twitter-Inspired Digital Film Festival Will Feature Ashton Kutcher and Dwight Schrute

Illustration for article titled Nikons Twitter-Inspired Digital Film Festival Will Feature Ashton Kutcher and Dwight Schrute

Twitter is so hot right now, you guys. It's so hot it influences things totally unrelated to Twitter, like the Nikon Festival—a digital film fest that challenges micro-auteurs to create 140-seconds-or-less digital videos. Obviously, Ashton Kutcher is involved.


The Nikon Festival has the theme "A Day Through Your Lens," and asks budding filmmakers to upload digital films with that theme, of length less than 140 seconds, to their website. The contest is six weeks long, starting right now. Festival judges include Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute of The Office fame), photographer Chase Jarvis, and some girl unfortunately described as an "Internet Personality" with the even more unfortunate name of iJustine. But guys, Rainn Wilson!

Oh yeah, and Ashton Kutcher will be sharing his own entry, partly because he has an advertising deal with Nikon and partly because this contest is tangentially related to Twitter. That '70s Show was a long time ago, you know, and now Twitter is his job—and Ashton Kutcher is nothing if not dedicated to his job.


The winning filmmaker will get $100,000 and some sweet Nikon gear, and there'll also be an audience favorite award worth $25,000, in case iJustine is out of touch with modern independent filmmaking. [Nikon Festival]

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From my perspective Nikon made a mistake picking Kutcher as their spokesman. Those commercials are so douchebaggy: every time I see one of I have the urge to sell my Nikon gear and buy Canon.

The fact that 3.9 million idiots are following him on twitter is, I think, a pretty fair commentary on the state of social networking. At lease shitmydadsays is catching up...