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Nimoy: I Am Not Spock, I Am A Fringe Blank Canvas

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Leonard Nimoy has started to spill the beans about what kind of man his new Fringe character, William Bell, will be... Or perhaps that should be, Leonard Nimoy has started spilling purposefully misleading beans.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, the veteran Star Trek actor explained what he finds intriguing about the mysterious - but often mentioned - Bell:

He has a great sense of his place in the scheme of things. Profoundly successful, very smart.... What's going to be explored is the story of his relationship with [former lab partner Walter Bishop], what he wants with [special agent Olivia Dunham], what he is intending to do with all this money and power that he has, what are his idiosyncrasies. I think we managed to get some interesting touches into the brief scene with Anna [Torv, who plays Olivia]. We're going to have some fun with this guy. I think we're going to ring somebody's bell.... It's a blank canvas, and maybe a misleading blank canvas. Maybe there have been some clues about him that are misleading, and I think that's part of the fun of the show.


On the one hand, Fringe misleading its viewers? I'm shocked and stunned (Okay, maybe not). But I'm not sure about the idea that Bell's going to be an intentionally-misleading "blank canvas," either; wasn't he supposed to bring some real answers when he appeared? I want him to explain all about the war between parallel Earths, dammit!

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