Flying a helicopter is just slightly less difficult than building one from scratch. Didn't stop these guys from giving it a shot—both in the building and the flying. Our friends at Oobject. com have assembled nine of the best homemade whirley-birds.
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Three Somaliland nationals build Homemade helicopter


Simcopter, Mexico

A homebuilt helicopter, combining a Simca car with a 300 horsepower Lycoming aircraft engine.


Zimcopter II, Zimbabwe

Zimcopter chopper made from aluminum sheets and an engine cannibalized from an old French Citroen motor vehicle.

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Homebrew Vietnamese Farmers Helicopter


Home-made helicopters in northern Nigeria

Homemade Helicopter Kumbo Cameroon


Remains of homemade helicopter in Zimbabwe

Chinese Farmers Homemade Helicopter

Forbidden to fly it by the Chinese government. It runs on a motorcycle engine.


Chinese Farmer Builds Working Helicopter from Scrap