Nintendo 3DS Could Do 3D Video Chat

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There are already too many videochat formats, what with Apple's FaceTime, Microsoft's Videokinect and Skype. If Nintendo's president's recent comments about 3D video chat for the 3DS portable actually lead to something, then that's a whole new problem.

Speaking to Forbes magazine, Satoru Iwata said that "technologically speaking, a variety of different things are possible with the 3DS, for example, 3D video chat."


Now, he didn't exactly confirm that it'll be a launch-feature when the 3DS goes on sale by March next year. He barely confirmed they're interested in pursuing it. But when Apple and other tech companies seem to be throwing their weight behind it, Nintendo's got to be at least a little curious.

It'd be a killer though, only being able to chat to other 3DS users. You wouldn't even be able to hook up with DSi owners, due to the lack of 3D cameras on the previous-gen model. Somehow, I think Iwata may be shooting too high here. [Forbes via Kotaku]


UPDATE: As noted here, the final design of the 3DS may not have been revealed. Nintendo still has just under a year to launch the 3DS, so while there's no forward-facing 3D camera yet, it's a slight possibility. Another way Nintendo could get around the issue is by including a rotating camera. Either way, it's likely Iwata was just stirring up trouble...and people's hopes.

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Ignoring the audio, which is the same either way, to transmit video in 3d you have to send 2 video channels (a left and right channel). This means you effectively double the bandwidth that the video component consumes and all you get for that big bump in bandwidth consumption is one silly little gimmick.

Is it worth it?