Nintendo Delivers Wii In Ice Cream Trucks

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Nintendo just dropped off their spanking new Wii console to Gizmodo's San Francisco HQ in an Ice Cream Truck. Sony's press events have been going on for a couple weeks now, but Nintendo's is just revved up.

As Brian and I were unboxing the Wii and PS3, Nintendo dropped the bomb on us. A bomb filled with creamsicles, fudge pops, and good humor.

Oh yes, dear readers, just when we were ecstatic about having a Wii, Nintendo delivers us a second Wii via Ice Cream courier. Cool? Very. Delicious, definitely. They even spotted us some ice cream sandwiches. Thanks Erin! Mmmmm, mmmm, good. Twin Wii's? Yes, we're twice blessed. (Both the east and west coast Gizmodo Wiis got delivered to the SF HQ by accident, if you were wondering.)


Click to the jump to see the Awesome Ice Cream Truck in Action.

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