Nintendo DS TV Tuner, Finally Priced & Dated

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Nintendo first mentioned this 1seg tuner for the Nintendo DS well over a year ago. Since then, we'd pretty much forgotten that it existed/lost any hope that it would ever actually be released. But Nintendo just announced that they will be launching the product on November 20th in Japan. The sweetness of wireless digital television will run customers $60, which isn't super cheap nor uber expensive.


Too bad the US still transmits television by chiseling likenesses into granite and flying them to viewers via an army of trained pigeons, otherwise we'd love to import one of these in November...because is it us, or do bunny ears just make the DS even cuter? [gamewatch via kotaku]


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Actually, the skyrats are in the clear until Feb of 2009. Ironically enough, it's the day before Inauguration Day.